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Why is SEO important for your business?

With almost 40% of clicks going to the first position on Google, it is very important for your website to appear in the top 5 positions. Take your place in the top 5 in Google with the right competitor analysis and the right steps.

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Your website may have the best design in the world, your company may be providing the best services in the country, and you may use the most convincing call-to-action sentences on your service or product page. However, if no one visits your website, what we have mentioned above actually means nothing.


94% of users know the difference between ads and organic results. Although Google Ads click-through rates have increased recently, organic results click-through rates are still very high.


As a result of 76% of all searches on Google, users click on the first 5 results in the search results. So the top 5 rankings earn 76% of all revenue or traffic.


Investments in SEO work are 61% less costly in the long run than investments in techniques such as Google ADS or local marketing (billboards, signage, brochures, etc.).