Our son absolutely loved his taster session with Richard & Daniel. Their enthusiasm, relaxed approach and clear communication made it easily for him to engage and reduced his anxiety immediately. Usually new activities are a bit of a disaster but from start to finish he was beaming and loved every minute and can’t wait to come back. It was great to see how even in one lesson his self confidence was boosted. Thank you!


April 1, 2024
My son’s first lesson was great 10 out of 10. l could watch him and see the progress. l would like to thank Richard for his understanding, care and genuine support. He is great instructor and easy to talk to. He is professional and calm in his approach. We will continue our lessons and l would recommend him to anyone who considers skiing lessons. \nThank you so much.

Ela Augustin

February 20, 2024


I really wish I knew Snowbility existed sooner! Everyone was super great at helping my son feel at ease for his lesson. Praising him for overcoming things he found challenging like putting ski boots on really helped. We look forward to our next lesson!


January 8, 2024
Could not ask for a better instructor – Zac is friendly, fun, patient and very knowledgeable!


December 4, 2023

Wonderful experience - so much fun

What a wonderful experience, Richard was so welcoming and such a friendly, fun approach from the second we arrived. Nothing was too much trouble, he quickly built up trust and a relationship with my daughter that she went from uneasy to totally engaged within moments. On the slopes, his easy manner and approach made her lesson so much fun she was waving and smiling and laughing. When they came off the snow, Richard said he had not laughed like that for ages – we give it 5 stars and cannot wait to return. Thank you for offering this truly important service, we could not have wished for better – Thanks Richard


November 22, 2023
Leo loved the lesson and gave it 9. 5 out of 10. He is often anxious to try new activities but Sam and his colleague made him feel relaxed and were encouraging.


November 15, 2023

Worth Every Penny

Absolutely brilliant to see our son on the training slopes and actually skiing so quickly. His instructor, Al, was just fantastic, totally focused on our son the entire time from the moment we showed up. He communicated brilliantly with our son who is partially verbal. We will be back without a doubt!


October 31, 2023

Fantastic Service

After arriving 20mins early my Son was met by Zac with help and instructions on how the lesson will go. My son is Autistic and Zac was fantastic with spending time to make him feel comfortable. My son had a lovely time and really can’t wait for his next lesson. Sam also took part in the second part of the lesson and my son really felt welcomed. Thank you


October 29, 2023

SEN Opportunity to Learn to Ski

A brilliant experience for my son with SEN who in the past would not do such activities, but now is engaging. The instructor listened and took his time to ensure my son was comfortable and remained relaxed. My son, who does not usually say he will go back to actvities we have trialled in the past, but said he will definitely be back. So despite the long driving distance and early rise, we will be back!


October 23, 2023

Highly recommended - my son loves it

If you are thinking about using Snowbility, I would say go for it, don’t hesitate as it’s such a great experience. \nMy son has had four sessions so far and is loving it, each week we have to count down the sleeps until it’s time to go again!\nDespite being so eager to ski, It has been a slow process because he has sensory issues, and can get overwhelmed and distracted particularly if it starts to get busy. He hates new shoes and we even have a lot of trouble just going to Clarks for school shoes, but yesterday, with lots of attention, encouragement and cheering from Lesley and Richard he finally put the ski boots on meaning that he is now in full kit! I am so happy because it is a huge step for him. He is so pleased with himself and made me send photo’s to his teacher so he can show his friends. \nHe is having so much fun and I cannot thank Lesley and Richard enough for their time. They have so much time, patience and understanding of his needs, he cannot speak but is very communicative in his own way which Lesley and Richard make sure to listen to. It’s because of this, he is making progress each week. I am so pleased I did this for him.


October 11, 2023

Fantastic Lesson

My daughters loved their lesson with Richard. He communication style was perfect and they came out beaming and so proud of what they have achieved


October 2, 2023

A real confidence builder

I had a great session with Richard who put me at ease and was sympathetic to my needs. The whole process was really reassuring and confidence building. I would highly recommend to anyone who feels daunted or intimidated by learning to ski because of any condition they may have.


July 12, 2023

A super positive experience

From the way Richard first spoke to our daughter it was clear that his approach was right and she, therefore, responded positively. She absolutely loved her ski lesson and is keen to return. She struggles with emotional regulation so it was wonderful to see her so happy and just enjoying herself throughout the lesson.


June 14, 2023


Outstanding from start to finish the organisation and communication was clear and accurate, i personally had to do very little but get the pupils there. \nThey loved it and it has been the talk of the school since they came back.

Mike finnie

May 22, 2023

Amazing instructors

Wow what an amazing group of instructors. We did a family ski session on Saturday. I was especially nervous in doing this lesson as it had been 14 years since I last been and it wasn’t a great experience. Beth and Zak didn’t put any pressure on me doing anything I didn’t want to do. They gave me the confidence by the end of the session to go to the top of the nursery slope. I was smiling by the end of it compared to the beginning I just wanted to cry as I felt so nervous. Richard spent time with my girls and my husband he was so kind and helpful giving clear instructions and gave them all the confidence they all needed. My girls can’t wait for us to book another session.


May 21, 2023

Excellent inclusive team

The team at Snowbility have been brilliant, from our first enquiry they have been thoughtful and helpful and very quick to help. \nOur child had a session with Richard who was understanding, patient, enthusiastic, caring and able to adapt to needs incredible well. The session was an enormous success and we shared a huge hug when our child was able to reach his goal. They are so excited and pleased with themselves. The joy and confidence they have gained from skiing is reflected in others areas of life, finding a hobby/ sport that they can enjoy and progress with has helped confidence more generally. has bloomed. Thank you.

Helen Gill

May 2, 2023

Ski Lesson

My daughter has just had her first lesson and she thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Richard explained everything to her in a way that she understood and he gave her plenty of time to take everything in. \nRiding a push bike is too hard for my daughter to do but now she has the skiing to do her confidence has had a massive boost. \nShe was so happy during and following the lesson, it was great for her. The lesson was taken at her pace and worked perfectly for her needs.

Maria Bowen

April 30, 2023

A fabulous organisation

Amazing instructors who take the time to get to know the students and how to support them.

M Woolley

April 20, 2023

Had the most amazing time

I’ve never tried skiing before, I grew up by the beach, therefore I had very low expectations of what my first session could be, but it went above my expectations, I had so much fun! Richard Fetherston and James Merrey from Snowbility were lovely, patient, encouraging and mindful. I highly recommend to anyone! Thank you so much for such a fun time!


April 16, 2023
Excellent session. Richard moved Sophie on very well in her taster session. We all had a fun day out especially watching Sophie on the slopes.


April 4, 2023